Find your Edge

If you are new to skiing, eager to have fun, keen to learn how to safely manage the terrain, we’ll take you there.

Why not make the most of your time on snow?

This ski camp is aimed at first time skiers.

Learning to ski in a group environment enhances the training delivered by our qualified instructors. We believe it is more fun and easier to learn as a team.

The course includes:
✓ Six hours on snow instruction.
✓ Three-day course
✓ Ski pass for the duration of the course
✓ In helmet communication
✓ One online video analysis session during the course
✓ One online video analysis session after the course
✓ Program limit of six participants

Find your Edge
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We aim to deliver long lasting benefits. Besides quality on snow training, we offer you one online video movement analysis sessions following the camp. This is our way of helping you wherever your turns will take you. The program curricula follows a coherent progression. During your first day you will learn the fundamentals of skiing such as how to glide on snow, how to stop and how to turn, as well as how to position your body on skis. The remaining days we will work on specific skiing skills: rotation, edging, and pressure, as appropriate for your level. The time on snow is blending drills and free skiing to enhance your skiing.

Our aim is to progress you to explore longer and more challenging runs by giving you confidence and technique to enjoy the mountain.

Boomerang on Snow programs are created to take you to the next level in a fun social environment where you will learn how to overcome technical or psychological barriers.