About Us

Boomerang on Snow is a different experience!

We are an Australian boutique tour operator providing ski camps and programs as well as great value holidays for you and your family. We are a ski school, and we are a travel agency, but we make sure to add a personal touch! As a ski school we design innovative products for our guests and, as a travel agency we want to share our enthusiasm for travel!

We blend instructing with coaching, introduce technology and wrap it all in a product designed to take your skiing to the next level while exploring different cultures and discovering new places.

Our Vision is to enhance ski instruction to your benefit!

Our Mission is to transform your skiing.

Our values are:

✓ passion for snowsports

✓ excellence

✓ progress

✓ teamwork

✓ fun

✓ curiosity

Born in Romania, I started skiing at three. My passion for the mountains evolved over time, from childhood summer hikes and winter skiing to winter touring and mountaineering with the Romanian Alpine Club during my student days.

Living in Australia since 2003, I continued to enjoy the mountains, skiing, and riding mountain bikes as much as my professional life allowed.

In 2015 I became a certified ski instructor by the Australian Professional Snowsports Instructors association. I started my career as a ski instructor at Perisher, the largest ski resort in the southern hemisphere. I continued my instructor education by adding adaptive, telemark and cross-country instructor qualifications. I furthered my skills and education through qualifications obtained through Avalance Canada, the Canadian Ski Instructor Alliance and the Professional Ski Instructors Association of Romania. In 2021 I also obtained my Alpine Ski Coach accreditation with Snow Australia (Snow ID: 50676).

See you on the slopes!

Alex Jereb
Boomerang on Snow

Our logo tells a story. It is meaningful

Hand painted by Gail Neuss, a proud Ngarigu/Wodi Wodi woman from New South Wales, it is a story from places that were lived and experienced. Every circle, dot, line, and symbol identifies something of meaning and significance. It represents the mountains of Australia’s High Country and the Snowy Mountains people (Ngarigo).

Mountains have traditionally played an important role as a rite of passage to adulthood. They are pathways for the saltwater mobs and lines for Cultural Ceremony, trade, hunting, and celebrating the migratory bogong moth season.

The stillness of a fresh snowfall and the reflection of the sky brings childish joy. The mountains offer guidance and peace. Like the boomerang, we will chase the snow across the world and always return.

The more we look the more we find!