Friends and Family Program


Poiana Braşov Ski Resort, Romania

It’s a winterful life

We understand that everyone enjoys snow differently. The Friends and Family program was born from our desire to give back to the non-skier.

If you have a skier in your life, then this is your opportunity to indulge yourself and enjoy your tailor-made snow holiday. You will spend time together skiing or snowboarding, exploring medieval castles, royal palaces, enjoying sleigh rides in the snow and learning about different cultures.

We want everyone to have fun, some going downhill, others enjoying more than just a book or a movie in a lonely chalet room. From visiting medieval castles, experiencing wildlife encounters, sleigh rides, shopping or even pampering activities, we have your back. Because we just can’t help it, skiing or snowboarding lessons are included in the program. If it is truly just not your thing, drop us a line, and we’ll replace them with other activities. The aim is to turn you into an explorer: a pampered one that enjoys a snow holiday.

Program Activities

We are continually updating our offers, as we are always looking for activities to keep you busy. Below are some key attractions you can expect to have included in your schedule in 2023. Check out our Extras section when you book for some pretty cool stuff, from snowmobile rides, to spooky private tours during the night in Dracula’s Castle, or horse riding in snow.







If I ask any­body who learned to ski after the age of five, they can remem­ber their first day of skiing-what the weather was like, who they went with, what they had for lunch. I believe that’s because that first day on skis was the first day of total free­dom in their life.

Warren Miller