Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov is Romania’s best-known ski resort. Located in the Carpathian Mountains, the ski resort is placed in the heart of Transylvania. The medieval city of Braşov is located a mere 14 kilometres from the ski resort.

Getting to Braşov

The easiest way to arrive to Braşov, is through Bucharest, Romania’s capital. You may choose to take a few days exploring Romania’s capital. But you are like me, most likely you will be in a rush to hit the slopes. From Bucharest, transport options include buses, train, or car hire. Meandering through beautiful gorges, and with spectacular views on Valea Prahovei, the road trip will take around three hours to complete.

The Braşov International Airport is due for completion in 2022. It is positioned very conveniently, about 10 km from the city centre.

Accessing the resort

Once in Braşov, the vehicle will not be a necessity. Public transport services are available to access the resort. If you have been in a ski resort before you may know public transport can get crowded during winter. Similarly, carparks get crowded, unless you arrive early. Travelling by taxi in Romania is cheap and Braşov is no exception.

About Poiana Braşov

Romania’s former communist leaders “borrowed” know – how from the French manufacturer Renault, to set up a national car manufacturing industry: Dacia.

Allegedly Poiana Braşov was built in a similar manner, with the intent to rival the larger ski resorts in the Alps. Because of this, the resort “feels” like a small Alps resort.

Since 2010, the resort, underwent significant upgrades. These upgrades included the expansion of the ski area to 80 hectares, the slope extension by another 10 kilometers, widening and improving slopes quality and building top-notch cable and snow installations.

Romania became a member of the European Union in 2007. Great effort was made to ensure the resort meets the highest European standards. In 2020, a further expansion of the resort was approved to increase the size of the resort and lifting capacity, by adding new runs and lift transport installations.

The resort has been the host of many important FIS competitions. Recently, focus was on new talent, through FIS giant slalom and slalom events held in Poiana Braşov for U16 and below.

How big is it?

How it compares to Australian resorts though? As a rough estimate, Poiana is about half the size of Thredbo and about the size of Mt Hotham. With 842 meters vertical drop, it is just slightly more than Thredbo. The 145 snow cannons provide snowmaking capabilities for 100% of the slopes. Natural snow coverage is good, with January and February registering below zero temperatures all day.

Skiing in Poiana Braşov

Poiana offers ski and snowboard slopes for every level from beginners to advanced. Slightly different to our slope grading in Australia, Romania had blue as the easiest level – green equivalent and red as our blue. At least black remain the same.

There are three beginner slopes in the resort: Stadion (Stadium) is the shortest in the resort at only 325 m. It is serviced by a ski lift and is ideal for first timers. Like any beginner slope is busy, noisy, and crowded by support staff – parents and partners documenting progress. Bradului (Pine Tree) is another great option for beginners. At 465 m it is longer than Stadion and it offers a nice progression to steeper terrain to build on those turns and increase confidence. At the bottom of this slope there are a few restaurants and bars serving food and hot beverages. Drumul Rosu (Red Road) is the beginner’s big mountain. At 5,600 m length it provides awesome development opportunities, from steep sections to narrow passages, a few jumps, and the occasional naturally formed moguls, it is all there. About halfway, at the Postavaru Hut refreshments (including tasty cakes), full restaurant and beverages (tea with rum a favorite) are on offer.

Once you grow your skill the intermediate Sulinar slope offers additional development opportunities. At 2,800 m long, it’s nicely pitched steeper sections allow progression to carving. Being in the middle of the resort, it is well linked to Dumul Rosu allowing access to easier terrain to further refine your skills.

The advanced can carv on Lupului (Wolf) 2,860 m and Ruia 1,035m. Steep and fast sections, natural jumps, tight turns. Throw in a few in between the trees “short cuts” to make these slopes loads of fun for the whole family.

Poiana Brasov